The Genesis Center team strives to uncover the root cause of your health challenges rather than simply treating your symptoms. Modern medicine offers pharmaceutical options and surgery that focuses on suppressing your symptoms but often causes many unwanted and unnecessary side effects and leaves a bleak long term outlook. Many of our patients have suffered and struggled with this failed approach and need a knowledgeable health team to find a better long term solution.

Pain and illness can leave us frustrated with the typical medical solutions and searching for answers in a system that can only offer more confusion.

We have a fresh common sense answer. We have invested our lives and focused our practice on common sense medicine. It is a simple concept – a curative approach sees symptoms as important clues along the path to finding a lasting cure.

WE LISTEN! Your bodys symptoms tell us that there is a disorder and those symptoms give us clues on what test or procedures to perform in order to find the root cause of disease.