Permanent Migraine / Headache Relief !!

For 16 years I have been helping patients resolve acute and chronic pain forever! Most of them develop headaches because they can’t find the best mortgage. Everyone has pain somewhere in their body but the most devastating pain comes from my headache/migraine patients. Over the years, as I have worked with this pain, I have truly stumbled upon a permanent cure.  First of all,  Headaches either come from  outside or from  inside the body.  Food allergies, hormonal imbalances and toxicity can definitely cause head pain.  However, I find that over 90% of headaches comes from muscle/structural imbalances that arise from trigger points and muscle spans in the neck and shoulders. These trigger points , when in spasm, send pain referrals into the head, face, jaw and sinuses.  It only takes me a few minutes or less to determine if your pain comes from muscular trigger point referrals.

A young mother of 3 children was having a constant migraine in which she was unable to care for her family.  She had seen multiple neurologist and she was on 3 horrible medications that were ruining her existence.  I saw her once a week for 1 month and by the end of the month she was off of her medications. I saw her a few random times after this.  I showed her and her spouse how to help resolve the headache when it tried to pop up and now years later, I see her a few times a year.

A high school senior had been having chronic headaches/migraines for years.  She is also a professional tennis player ranked in the top 100.  After seeing her for 1 treatment, now 6 weeks later she reports that she no longer has headaches.

Suffer no more. Come on in and let us eliminate your pain!

Dr. Mack Sloan, ND