Stem cells can have many healing effects in the body. They recognize injury signals and can attach to those cells and grow new and healthy viable tissue.

The use of stem cells in orthopedics has been researched for many years, with robust animal data that show efficacy in cartilage healing, tendon repair, and intervertebral disk treatment.

Research study showing the effects of PRP (stem cells) VS. pro

Plantar fasciitis steroid injection side effects? Plantar fasciitis is a problem involving the tough supporting structure on the bottom of the foot. It anchors in the heel and when this area is over loaded (or when nerves in the back are irritated), it can become sore and make it tough to walk (especially in the mornings). The usual treatment is injecting high dose steroids, but clinically we’ve seen that while this works for a while, the problem comes back with a vengeance. We and other physicians have been using concentrated platelets (platelet rich plasma [PRP] or our own SCP version) for years with very good results. So it was gratifying to see last week a research study that shows that not only did PRP work in a randomized controlled trial, it blew away steroids.

The study took 40 patients who had heel pain and a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis for 4 months who had not responded to conservative care and randomized them to get either a steroid or PRP shot. Ultrasound guidance was used to guide the injection and functional improvements on standardized questionnaires were tracked. The steroid group got about 60% better on a functional questionnaire by 3 months, fell to 40% better by 6 months, and were down to 15% better at 12 months after the shot. The PRP group tripled their function score (dramatically better-300%) by 3 months and kept almost all of those gains through the first year!

The upshot? Don’t let someone inject high dose steroids into your heel just because it’s covered by insurance. There is no evidence it works well and there are loads of studies that show it’s pretty toxic to tissues and tendon in particular. In addition, this latest study fits with what clinicians have observed for years, that steroids provide short lived pain relief and PRP can heal the problem

AdiLight-2 by AdiStem Ltd.AdiLight-2 is CE and TGA certificated. AdiLight-2 is a Plasma Heating Device which provides particular monochromatic light frequencies in the coloured spectrum. This increases IL-1RA and stimulates the release of growth factors from PRP — and activates stem cells from a quiescent into an active state so they come into full functionality.

AdiStem Phase I/II Clinical Trials in Humans on the Safety and Efficacy of Administration of Activated Autologous Adipose-Derived Stromal Vascular Fraction Adult Stem Cells are ongoing and at several stages of completion at various centers around the world for Management of Type II Diabetes, Breast Reconstruction Post-Lumpectomy, Management and Healing of Chronic Diabetic Ulcers and for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Future research areas which have shown promising results in our initial case studies are Osteoarthritis, Emphysema, Stroke, Heart Failure and early stage Parkinson’s Disease    Refer to the website for more info on our stem cell procedure.  We are a certified Adistem Clinic.  We have done over hundreds of stem cell and PRP procedures.