“Dear Dr. Sloan and Staff

I just wanted to say thank you. You all have done more for me in a year than any other doctor has done in the past few years. I hope you realize how much of a blessing you are in people’s / patients lives. (To Stacie — I also appreciate the fact that you let me call 500 times a day if I need to for questions. It helps me learn as well.)

I just wanted you to have something to remind you that when you get frustrated, or things get crazy or hectic, just look back at this and know that I am speaking for many people when I say that your impact is more powerful than you know.

You have the ability to touch people on a deeper level than the physical…and this to me is the difference between a doctor & a healer. You are, and continue to be, a blessing in my life.

Thank you, Jessica”

“You are honestly and truly THE BEST doctor I have ever gone to in my life. What is wonderful about you is how you LISTEN and CARE about my challenges and health concerns. When I first moved to Georgia in 2000 I was blessed to have found your Health Center and I continue to visit and value your advice. Please know that I deeply appreciate your support and I wish you a blessed year filled with joy and miracles.

With sincere thanks for all you do for us,


“Dear Dr. Sloan,

We would not be able to leave this state because we couldn’t take you with us!

Between Robin & Me, my mom and our daughter, with all we had going on between us in the last 7 years we have known you, you have saved us $100,000 of expenses ( in actual or opportunity costs) and surgeries, Rx’s, ETC. Besides giving us the best care anyone could. You have spoiled us and we continue to tell everyone who will listed about you and your wonderful staff there. God bless you!

Love, Robin & Mary”

“Dear Dr. Sloan,

I can’t thank you enough for your kindness and generosity. I feel as if my words fail me in expressing the heart felt gratitude I have for you, your lovely wife Stacie & staff. I have been so blessed that you are my doctor.

God has blessed me with your healing knowledge, power and kindness. Thank you for everything.

Sincerely yours,


“Since 2008, you have been a blessing to my Family! You have counseled me through an ugly marriage, subsequent divorce, and now you celebrate my marriage to the love of my life.  Over the years, you helped me lose weight and helped me attain both mental & physical health. My children, both being on the Autism Spectrum, have also felt you healing and the boys continue to get better. Even my husband has experienced your healing when he was ill. You have taught my husband so much over the past two years – he has watched your work with me and the boys and he has become a convert to natural healing.

We are so thankful for the alternative medicine that you give us the opportunity to choose. God has given you the healing hand and we are thankful for you every day. We love visiting The Genesis Center – the upbeat and positive attitudes of all those you have working with you is truly a blessing.