“Dear Dr. Sloan,

I’d like to take this opportunity to pass on a few words of thanks to you. — I went from only a 1% chance of waking up from a coma, to 4 months later being referred to as a “miracle patient.”

When I came to you, I was desperate for a remedy. I was in fear that I would be “sick” forever. You gave me something that no other doctor had given me, POSITIVE ENERGY, (along, of course with lots of herbal medicine that other were afraid to try!). Immediately after your treatments, my liver counts started dropping tremendously! Within a month, I was sure enough “virus free” just as you said I would be! I’m not sure I have enough words in my vocabulary to explain how thankful I am!

You’re a wonderful doctor, and a wonderful friend! Thank you for touching my life!

May GOD reward you for your kindness.
With love, Larissa”