We strive to uncover the root cause
of your health challenges rather
than simply treating your symptoms

To You

We have invested our lives and focused
our practice on common sense medicine.


Your trust is a sacred bond
that we take very seriously

Testimony | Larissa

  • I’d like to take this opportunity to pass on a few words of thanks to you. — I went from only a 1% chance of waking up from a coma, to 4 months later being referred to as a “miracle patient.” You gave me something that no other doctor had given me, POSITIVE ENERGY.

Testimony | Jessica

  • You all have done more for me in a year than any other doctor has done in the past few years. I hope you realize how much of a blessing you are in people’s lives. You have the ability to touch people on a deeper level than the physical…and this is the difference between a doctor & a healer.

Testimony | Melanie

  • Because of the foundation you have helped me create in wellness, I have been able to move forward with minimal maintenance. With you, I have been able to guide my family and we all have developed life long habits that are invaluable.