fatigueAre you sick and tired of being sick and tired, we have the solutions. For millions of people every day is an effort for existence. You push through the morning, struggle through the work day, the crash when you get home. You feel like¬†fatigue has taken over you and this makes you feel depressed. You can’t focus or concentrate and exercise is too much of a struggle.

Your physician will run blood work but it will usually come back normal. You will probably get offered antidepressants and sleep medication but this is not a long term answer. There are real answers and real solutions. At Genesis we uncover the root causes of fatigue and hormone imbalances. We understand that there can be many causes of fatigue. For example, thyroid imbalances, adrenal insufficiency, hormone imbalances, food allergies, sleep difficulties, chronic illness, epstem bar virus, vitamin & mineral deficiency.

After we sit down and review your health history, we decide the best labs for each individual and based on these results we get our fundamental plan for your health recovery. After 15 years and thousands of patients, we know how to find the root cause of fatigue and other health issues that the modern system won’t detect.