Dear Dr. Sloan,
I’d like to take this opportunity to pass on a few words of thanks to you. — I went from only a 1% chance of waking up from a coma, to 4 months later being referred to as a “miracle patient.”
When I came to you, I was desperate for a remedy. I was in fear that I would be “sick” forever. You gave me something that no other doctor had given me, POSITIVE ENERGY, (along, of course with lots of herbal medicine that other were afraid to try!). Immediately after your treatments, my liver counts started dropping tremendously! Within a month, I was sure enough “virus free” just as you said I would be! I’m not sure I have enough words in my vocabulary to explain how thankful I am!
You’re a wonderful doctor, and a wonderful friend! Thank you for touching my life!
May GOD reward you for your kindness.
With love, Larissa

Dear Dr. Sloan and Staff
I just wanted to say thank you. You all have done more for me in a year than any other doctor has done in the past few years. I hope you realize how much of a blessing you are in people’s / patients lives. (To Stacie — I also appreciate the fact that you let me call 500 times a day if I need to for questions. It helps me learn as well.)
I just wanted you to have something to remind you that when you get frustrated, or things get crazy or hectic, just look back at this and know that I am speaking for many people when I say that your impact is more powerful than you know.
You have the ability to touch people on a deeper level than the physical…and this to me is the difference between a doctor & a healer. You are, and continue to be, a blessing in my life.
Thank you, Jessica

Dear Dr. Sloan,
In the past couple of visits we have had, I have neglected to verbalize something I have been carrying with me and intending to share. It seems that despite the many adjustments you have been able to help me make, stabilizing my inability to be a “pillar of strength” is just one I will have to continue to work on.
For some reason, beginning to find the words to say “thank you” invariably puts a lump in my throat and leaves me speechless (I know that sounds almost inconceivable!). So, I have left you on at least two occasions without completing what I had intended. Now I am resorting to my favorite form of communication and writing what I meant to say.
When I came to you a couple of years ago, I hardly recognized the person I had become. As I indicated to you, I had an arm’s length list of complaints and really wasn’t feeling very comfortable in my own skin. While I was creating a picture of my many issues, I had to stand for awhile as my hip was also adding to my discomfort. It was at that moment that you “took me on” and began a process of healing unlike I have ever experienced.
Through your diligence, insight, knowledge and compassion you have prevented a very negative spiral from continuing to spin downward and you have instead, totally turned me around. Through many months of therapeutic care, you saw me through times when I was so uncomfortable in such pain that I wasn’t sure I would ever be “me” again. I had found many coping skills and ways to compensate but realized changes occurring that were becoming insurmountable.
It was very unsettling for me to put myself in anyone’s hands and find the confidence and trust that I came to know in you. As I once mentioned to Stacie, you have a gift and I am so grateful to have been on the receiving end of your talents.
Because of the foundation you have helped me create in wellness, I have been able to move forward with minimal maintenance. With you, I have been able to guide my family and we all have developed life long habits that are invaluable. I truly appreciate all that you have done in helping me and healing me and providing such a nurturing environment at a time when it was so needed. Although many of my visits were difficult while we worked through the process, you and everyone in your office made me feel comforted. Stacie and the staff are a reflection of what you have created.
So, you many understand now that I had quite a bit to relay and really didn’t feel equipped to make that happen while I sat with you. I appreciate all that you have done and needed for you to know that. Although we’re moving away, I look forward to keeping in touch and hopefully have you continue to keep me on track.
I’m sure I’ll see you soon, Melanie

Dear Dr. Sloan & Staff,
I want to thank you all very much in helping me restore my health. I realize it is an ongoing process, but I know I could have never done it without you all.
It is such a a wonderful feeling to have energy and to feel well the majority of the time. I know there still may be bumps, but I know with your help I can handle it.
Wishing you all a nice “Thanksgiving!”
Thanks so much, Elizabeth